The GOAT Debate Is Over? : Messi magic

The GOAT Debate Is Over? : Messi magic

After Maradonian’s assist, Lionel Messi’s assist may demonstrate that the GOAT argument has finally come to an end.

World Cup legends like Diego Maradona and Pelé have incredible moments from this contest on their sizzle reel. These two have long been considered promising players in the biggest football competition to ever take place.

The only two players that have been equated to the other two are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But none of them had ever provided the fairest work and had a significant impact. In his most contemporary bid for glory, Ronaldo was just eliminated by Morocco. In the World Cup knockout rounds, he failed to score a single goal.

In the World Cup knockout stages, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both had comparable records. No goals until the 2022 tournament, but his two assists were significantly more crucial to his nation’s performance. He assisted Carlos Tevez in scoring against Mexico in the 2010 World Cup Round of 16 triumphs by providing an assist. In the 2014 version, Messi assisted Angel Di Maria in Argentina’s 1-0 victory over Switzerland at the same level.

Leo assisted Mercado and Agüero during Argentina’s 4-3 loss to France in 2018. But during the last World Cup of his career, things started to quickly shift for Leo. Leo’s Final Dance, Leo’s Swan Song.

So, where is the change? Leo Messi comes up to be much more aware of his role for Argentina than in previous tournaments. He is the one who secures that this team runs well; all he required were the right players to support him. The current generation is positively more offensive, not because the preceding one wasn’t terrific. Additionally, Messi needed that flash of brilliance he had yet to experience throughout the World Cup’s knockout round. That play would live on in everyone’s memory forever. In the 69th minute, it eventually turned up in the form of an outstanding assist.

As he encountered the best defender in the World Cup so far, Messi overcame all the obstacles his detractors had arranged his way. In their respective best World Cup performances, Maradona and Pelé both had moments comparable to the one he created. Diego’s goal was during the 1986 competition against England. Unreal goal by Pelé in the 1958 championship game against Sweden.

Leo eventually welcomed his thanks to a vicious assist aimed at Julian Alvarez. Sadly, this performance won’t put a stop to the argument. This can only occur if Leo, who is the best player, wins the World Cup on Sunday. Messi scored goals in the quarterfinal, semifinal, and Round of 16 to get to the final today. Damn, it was about time!

Messi became Argentina’s all-time ultimate World Cup scorer with a thumping penalty in his team’s semifinal success. With a magnificent assist, the 35-year-old waved his magic wand for the umpteenth time. On Sunday, December 18, he will be watching the winner of the match between France and Morocco for a chance to win football’s utmost prize.

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