Football king Pele has died: Family confirms

Football king Pele has died: Family confirms

Pele – Edson Arantes do Nascimento was born on October 23, 1940. It was the boy who conquered world football. Won three World Cups. Pele, the emperor of world football, passed away today.

The hand was shaking to make the picture black and white. Will the black-and-white picture really fit the farewell of the man who made football colorful and colorful with flashes of skill? The correct answer is not known. Maybe the answer will never be found. And waiting for the answer, what will happen, because according to the report of the news agency AFP, the man is no more.

According to AFP reports, Pele’s family has announced that Pele, perhaps the first superstar of world football, has died after a long illness. Age was 82. The king of football died in a hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Pele became the youngest player to win the World Cup. Football emperor won the first world cup in 1958. Brazil beat Sweden 5-2 in the final. Pele himself scored two goals. At that time he was 17 years and 249 days old.

Pele won the World Cup three times – in 1958, 1962 and 1970. No other player in the world has such a record. Pele also scored in the 1958 and 1970 finals. According to Rec.Sports.Soccer Statistics Foundation, Pele scored 77 goals in 92 matches in Brazil jersey. Scored 34 goals in friendlies, six in World Cup qualifiers, 12 in World Cups, eight in Copa America and 17 in other tournaments.

Pele also became the youngest player in World Cup history to score a goal. Scored a goal against Wales in the 1958 World Cup. At that time he was 17 years and 239 days old. Brazil won the match because of that goal.

But now everything seems to be blurring for Pele fans. Even though he was sick for a long time, he had a belief in his heart that he would get well this time too. When Pele fell extremely ill during the World Cup, football stars and supporters wished him well.Meanwhile, a banner of the soccer emperor brought by Brazilian fans to Lusail Stadium in Qatar caught the eye. The banner showed Pele holding a football by his cheek. Tired smile on the face. A Brazilian held a replica of the World Cup trophy right in front of the banner.

That picture is the empire of football king Pele. He was the wizard, emperor, king, king of the empire. Even if there is no earthly body today, the empire will remain immortal

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