Karim Benzema could leave Real Madrid: Juventus interested

Karim Benzema could leave Real Madrid: Juventus interested

Karim Benzema wrote a great success story last season by writing a unique story of turning around. Contributing to Real Madrid winning the Champions League and La Liga, he won the first Ballon d’Or award of his career.

In this season, however, Benzema had to stay out of the field most of the time due to injury. ‘Apaya’ injury did not allow him to play in the World Cup. Benzema had to enjoy France’s second consecutive World Cup final on TV.

After the World Cup break, Benzema has returned to Real’s jersey in a great way. Scored a pair of goals against Real Valladolid in La Liga. As Real fans wait to see Benzema in person, shock news comes. Benzema can leave the ‘Los Blancos’ camp in the summer.

His new destination is rumored to be the Italian club Juventus, which has been struggling since the beginning of the season. If the news of Benzema leaving Real to Juventus is true, then it is going to be big news in the next team transfer.

Benzema’s contract with Real will end at the end of this season. If the contract is not ultimately renewed, then Juventus will be able to bring him to the team on a free transfer. But another news is heard at the same time, Benzema’s departure from Madrid to Turin depends on a condition. That condition is that the former Real coach Zinedine Zidane has to come as the coach of Juventus. Is Benzema looking forward to playing under Zidane?

Earlier, Benzema said goodbye to international football after the World Cup with some kind of pride. It was then heard that if Zidane takes charge of France, then Benzema may return from retirement. However, with Didier Deschamps renewing his contract, it is certain that Zidane will not be the France coach for now. And now if Zidane goes to Juventus, this striker’s destiny may also turn in that direction. In the end, however, we will have to wait for some more time to know what will happen.

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