Noel Lou in Big trouble: FFF chief urged to quit

Noel Lou in Big trouble: FFF chief urged to quit

Football agent Sonia Soid has accused Noel Lou Graet of misconduct after he made controversial comments about Zinedine Zidane. He demanded the resignation of Lou Graet as president of the France Football Federation (FFF) for abuse of power.

Sonya’s allegations against 81-year-old Lou Great date from 2013 to 2017. In an interview with France’s RMC radio on Monday, 37-year-old Sonia said that at that time she agreed to meet Lou Gret at his home.

“During this meeting he clearly told me that if we stay close, my ideas will be realized. He will be more motivated to help me in any way.”

“I was really shocked when I was there. Because, in front of me is the president of the French Football Federation, who sees me… even though I’m qualified and able to do something despite difficulties… but the president sees me as two breasts and one ass. I was disappointed with the president. For me the president must be exemplary. He wasn’t.”

A few days ago, France’s sports minister and former tennis player Amelie Youdeha-Casteha called for a change in the leadership of the federation. Eric Thomas, president of the French Amateur Football Association (AFFA), also said the time had come for Lou Graet to leave. But whether he will stand down or not, Sonia is skeptical.

“I don’t think he is brave enough to resign. Do I think he can lead the FFF? Yes, he can. But he shouldn’t be.”

Lou Gret apologized on Monday after being heavily criticized for his controversial comments about Zidane. He also mentioned that his attitude towards the former World Cup winning star was not reflected in that comment.

The incident began after Didier Deschamps extended his tenure as France coach. There was strong talk that Zidane could get the job this time. When asked whether Zidane tried to contact him or not, Lu Gret said in an interview that even if Zidane tried, he would not pick up his phone.

The country’s sports minister believes France players should have a more qualified person than Lou Graet as head of the FFF.

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