Leandro Trossard Begs Brighton In A Enticement Transfer!

Leandro Trossard Begs Brighton In A Enticement Transfer!

Leandro Trossard, a star for Brighton, said he won’t be signing a new contract and is looking for an immediate transfer in a statement posted by his agency. He was recently banned from the gym, and on Friday, the Express reports that he left England without the club’s approval after being taken off the matchday squad for this weekend’s match against Liverpool.

Josy Comhair, the agent for Trossard, has spoken out about how his relationship with Brighton manager Roberto De Zerbi fell apart.The complete statement is as follows: “Brighton wanted Leandro to sign a new contract before he went for Qatar. Due to the parties’ failure to reach an agreement, this did not occur. Leanrdo has now signaled that he’s prepared to advance in his career.”.

“Leandro and a player got into a fight in training after the World Cup over a pointless issue. Since then, the coach has stopped speaking to Leandro, which is obviously not a conducive or performance-oriented environment.”

“Despite being on the bench against Everton, Leandro still started against Southampton and Arsenal. He was also left out of the five substitutions made at the time, and this happened without any justification.” Leandro mentioned having calf issues twice in the days before up to the FA Cup match against Middlesbrough. This was the cause of his stopping his training. By the way, this was done after consulting the medical team.”

“The fitness coach advised Leandro that he needed to workout independently. Leandro received a call from the coach on Monday letting him know he was no longer interested in seeing him. Really hard to understand is a coach who hasn’t spoken to his coach directly in four weeks. In addition, the trainer has often stated that a transfer is the most practical course of action.”

“It is crucial that Brighton cooperates with a potential transfer during this transfer period and exhibits a charitable attitude, which would be advantageous for all sides,” the statement continued.The midfielder’s final destination is still unknown, but Tottenham has been heavily linked to a deal for him.”

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