Liverpool ‘s Poor Form : Salah Concerned

Liverpool ‘s Poor Form : Salah Concerned

Liverpool is having a miserable season. There is no hope anywhere. The ‘All Reds’ have been cornered by one failure after another. The team is currently ranked 9th in the Premier League.

But they won two domestic titles in addition to playing the Champions League final last season. Even in the Premier League, they fought for the title with Manchester City until the last day. But that rhythm seems to have been lost in this season.

The team is suffering mainly due to the malaise in midfield, lack of rhythm in the forwards and unplanned substitutions. Star striker Mohamed Salah also admitted that the team’s condition is not very favorable. However, this forward believes that the ‘unbelievable team’ will turn around.

Although the recent period has not been good, Salah said that he has faith in the team, “As I said before, we have a great team. I have played for three-four teams. I know the difference between this team and other teams. Our team is incredible. We always try to help young players. And veterans try to stay calm in any situation. They also advise the youth to remain calm.

Even if the team is not in rhythm, Salah has kept his own rhythm. He scored 17 goals in all competitions in the season. However, the Egyptian star could not show the magic of the previous seasons.

Saying that the situation is difficult, Salah is determined to turn around and said, “It is difficult, this situation is also very difficult. But I think we can get past it and do better.”

Liverpool will face Chelsea today in the most important match of the season. Chelsea’s situation is not very favorable. They are right next to Liverpool in the points table. The match at Anfield could therefore be a turning point between the two English superpowers.

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