Benfica Is Not Happy With Enzo Fernandez’s Behaviour!

Benfica Is Not Happy With Enzo Fernandez’s Behaviour!

Enzo Fernandez is flying in the air now. At the moment, he is the most expensive footballer in Argentine history in the transfer market.

Chelsea signed him from Portuguese club Benfica for 121 million euros , which is also the highest in English Premier League history. The ‘best emerging’ Argentine star of the Qatar World Cup is now looking forward to playing in the ‘world’s most expensive’ league in Chelsea’s jersey. The whole thing is like a dream come true for him.

But Enzo didn’t end well at Benfica. Benfica’s bank account may have swelled by selling him to Chelsea, but the club is not happy with the Argentinian footballer. Benfica asked Enzo to stay until the end of the season but to no avail. He was really upset to leave the club. Benfica president Rui Costa did not like such behavior at all.

Enzo played well in Benfica’s jersey before the World Cup. Became one of the important players of the Portuguese club. He also became an important player in the Argentina team while playing the World Cup in the middle of the league. 36 years after Argentina beat France to win the World Cup, Enzo was awarded the World Cup’s best emerging player. Since then, he has been busy trying to leave Benfica.

Benfica first became upset with Enzo after the World Cup because of his New Year celebrations. After the World Cup, he spent a lot of time talking about New Year’s celebrations in Argentina. Coach Roger Schmidt did not want to leave Enzo in the January transfer window. But Chelsea bought him with the full release clause of Enzo. The deal was struck two minutes before the end of the substitution period.

Rui Costa said, “On the last day of the transfer, we agreed with Chelsea to sell Enzo. Enzo was really upset about the change.
Talking about trying to keep Enzo, Costa said, ‘We tried a lot to keep him until the end of the season. But Enzo didn’t want to make any concessions. He did not want to discuss the issue of staying.

The Benfica president said that he has no regrets about Enzo, ‘We are in the race for the title, I expected Enzo to continue the fight with us. But how do you keep a player who doesn’t want to wear the red jersey of Benfica? Why should I feel bad for a player who doesn’t want to wear the Benfica jersey? He’s gone, it’s fine, there’s nothing to be sad about.’

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