Xavi has opened the door for Messi

Xavi has opened the door for Messi

When Messi left Barcelona in 2021, he was not in a normal state. I had to leave with tears in my eyes. Because, he could not stay in Barcelona even if he tried. Forced to join PSG. However, after making Argentina the world champion last December, the situation with Messi has completely changed. As PSG wants to keep him, Barcelona wants to get Messi back. Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has hinted that Messi can be brought back into the team at any time if he is willing.

Xavi was Messi’s teammate for a long time while playing in Barcelona. They have a friendly relationship. Xavi became the coach of Barcelona after Messi left. He is the one who signaled Messi to return to the team. The Barcelona coach, however, did not directly comment on the return of his dear friend. He said that if Messi wants to return, he will be welcome. Barcelona’s door is open for Messi.

After joining PSG, Messi got some of the world’s best footballers there. Star footballers like Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Sergio Ramos. He has not made any announcement to leave PSG yet. He did not sign a new contract with PSG.

In an interview, Xavi answered questions about his former teammate. Can the 35-year-old striker return to Spain? Xavi did not rule out the possibility. He said, ‘Why not? However, it depends on his wishes. What Messi wants is real. His feelings matter.

Barcelona has always been Messi’s home. Our door is always open for Leo. At least as long as I am the coach, the door will be open for Messi.’ He added, ‘Let’s see what Messi himself wants. This decision depends on him. Not on the club.

This is not the first time. Xavi has expressed his desire to return Messi once before. Messi did not publicly answer the wishes of his dear friend. He had to leave Barcelona with a sense of shame, which he still cannot forget.

He did not say anything about Barcelona. However, American Major League Soccer club Miami and Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal are looking forward to getting him in the team. For this reason, they have offered thousands of crores of rupees.

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