Bangladesh is going to a four-year contract with Argentina!

Bangladesh is going to a four-year contract with Argentina!

Millions of fans of Argentina in international football in Bangladesh. After the last World Cup in Qatar, this support has taken the form of good relations between the two countries. Not only Messi or Messi’s coach, many footballers and organizers of the country also know the name of Bangladesh. They also flew the red-green flag of Bangladesh during the inauguration of a league in Argentina a few days ago. Buff has also invited the world champion team to come to Bangladesh for the second time.

Bangladesh wants to use this good relationship between the two countries for the development of football. That is why the Ministry of Youth and Sports has taken the initiative to enter into a four-year agreement with the Argentine government. A draft of what is to be included in the agreement has also been prepared. If this draft is finalized soon, the responsible officials of the two countries will sign the agreement.

Sports Council Secretary Parimal Singh told media, “A draft of the agreement has already been done. There is also a meeting in the ministry on Tuesday regarding this draft agreement. Once the agreement is finalized, it will be executed between the two countries only after the approval of the Minister of State for Youth and Sports. We will focus on our interests in the contract. They (Argentina) will want to do it at their convenience. We will look at our interests.

Still, the draft agreement that is sitting on Monday, what is emphasized? “Our football development has been mentioned with importance in various ways. Our footballers will go to Argentina, their footballers will come. The coach will be sent there in Manonannane. In one word, the agreement will contain as much effort as we can to develop football from Argentina’ – said Parimal Singh, secretary of the National Sports Council.

The officials of the sports administration think that through this agreement, the football development relationship between the two countries will be strengthened. Through this agreement, the football associations, professional clubs and training institutions of the two countries will be able to improve their skills. The football officials of the two countries will be able to gain more skills in practice techniques through the exchange of experience.

In this regard, the general secretary of Bafuf. Abu Naim Sohag told Jago News, “We were asked by the ministry to give us an opinion on the draft agreement.” Bafuf’s opinion has already been sent to the ministry. We will discuss this further in Tuesday’s meeting.

BFF General Secretary’s reply, ‘There are many things in a contract. I think, out of this, if we can organize matches between the age groups of the two countries, send coaches there for quality improvement, improve the skills of our coaches by bringing their experienced coaches, exchange visits of men’s and women’s national teams and different age groups, Our football will definitely benefit from that. In addition to this, we are trying to keep the issue of improving the quality of sports medicine, referees in the agreement.

Initially the contract will be for four years. The agreement will remain in effect for four years after the two countries sign it. However, the contract will automatically extend for subsequent equal terms unless either party objects.

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