Steven Gerrard: Not For Sell

Steven Gerrard: Not For Sell

The love for the club, the pull of the soul was not sold to the Euros. Such players include AS Roma’s Francesco Totti or AC Milan’s Paolo Maldini, as well as a Liverpool legend – Steven George Gerrard.

Professional football is now a business. There is more profit and loss here than in pure football. And so the footballer’s jersey is changed for money, the dressing room is changed overnight. Still there are some footballers who spend 20-30 years at the same club.

The love for the club, the pull of the soul was not sold to the Euros. Such players include AS Roma’s Francesco Totti or AC Milan’s Paolo Maldini, as well as a Liverpool legend – Steven George Gerrard.

Steven Gerrard was born on May 30, 1980 in Whiston, Merseyside, England. He developed a love for football from childhood. And football started with Whiston Junior Club. It was there that Liverpool’s football scouts noticed Gerrard’s unique football talent. At the age of 9, Gerrard was admitted to Liverpool’s youth academy.

Later, Steven Gerrard gave a trial to some other clubs including Manchester United. But there was no chance. And that has become a blessing in his life. He signed his first professional contract with Liverpool on 5 November 1997.

Gerrard made his first appearance a year later on 29 November 1998 as a substitute against Blackburn Rovers. In his debut season, he made 13 appearances as a center midfielder, replacing captain Harry Redknapp.

The Englishman did not make a mistake in taking advantage of the opportunity. And so in the next season, he was often given opportunities in the center midfield as a partner of captain Harry Redknapp. This season he was able to score the first goal! However, Steven Gerrard came into the limelight for the first time in the 2000/01 season.

During this time, he got the opportunity to play in the starting eleven of almost all the matches of Liverpool. In addition to handling the midfield, he scored 10 goals. Gerrard is credited with helping Liverpool win the FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup. In recognition, he was selected as the emerging player of the year.

Steven Gerrard caught attention not only with his performance on the field, but also with his leadership qualities. In October 2003, the captaincy of Liverpool was given to him for the first time! But in the 2003/04 season, Liverpool failed to win any trophy, and the club was in turmoil, including the resignation of the manager. Gerrard wanted to leave Liverpool for Chelsea for the first and last time in his career.

But at the request of new coach Rafael Benitez, Allred stayed in the camp. Gerrard was injured at the beginning under the new coach. After a long break, the Allred captain returned to the field with a match against Olympiakos in November’s Champions League group match. On that day, Neme scored the winning goal for 5 minutes. And he considers this goal as one of the best goals of his career.

Captain Gerrard’s last-minute goal against AC Milan in that season’s Champions League final created an incredible comeback narrative for the English giants. Liverpool drew the match 3-3 despite trailing 3-0 due to his outstanding performance in the second half.

And finally, after 20 years, Liverpool won the Champions League after winning the penalty shootout. Steven Gerrard became the man of the final, and in the same year he also took home the ‘UEFA Club Footballer of the Year’ trophy.

After that another era passed one by one. This midfielder has fought on the football field wearing Liverpool’s red jersey. In 1989, Gerrard played for that team until 2015, when he joined Liverpool’s academy. Among them, he played in the main team of the club for seventeen years.

He became one of the best in the world in this red jersey. Won ten titles including the Champions League. There is no big club in Europe, who did not want to bring this midfielder into the team. But Gerrard was just Liverpool. How many things have changed during this time, only Gerard’s love for the Allreds has not changed, there is no explanation for this selfless love.

After seventeen years at Anfield, the Allred legend left the ground in 2015. Liverpool was far behind Manchester United or Chelsea at that time, but the way Gerrard worked tirelessly for the team, the Liverpool management will forever be indebted to him. The club authorities did not hesitate to give Gerrard the respect he deserves. Gerard himself could not hide his tears.

He joined the Los Angeles club that year. The midfielder announced his retirement in 2017 after playing there for two years. Currently, Gerrard is the coach of the English Premier League team Aston Villa.

Despite being the best English player of his generation, he could never touch the league title. In particular, Gerrard slipped on the field against Chelsea and from there the league title of the 2013/14 season also slipped from the hands of the Allreds. Who will he blame? His fate or Anfield grass?

In addition, in the recently concluded season, he got another chance to give his former club a chance to celebrate. Liverpool would have won the title if the current club Aston Villa could stop Manchester City. But even in the match leading by 2-0 goals, Gerrard disciples had to lose 3-2 goals in the last storm. Gerrard had to stumble while winning the Allreds title in his coaching career as well as in his playing life. A very unfortunate legend.

After all, Steven Gerrard is a hero to Allred fans. But failing to win the league, losing to Crystal Palace in his farewell match and failing to capitalize on opportunities to lift Liverpool to the title in his coaching career – all in all, Gerrard is perhaps a tragic hero. But tragic heroes are often remembered, and so Steven George Gerrard may well be immortalized in football history.

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