Benzema Passed Raul’s Record

Benzema Passed Raul’s Record

Karim Benzema scored two goals against Elche at home. Real Madrid won by a big margin of 4-0 goals. Karim Benzema broke the goal record of Real Madrid legend Gonzalo Raul with this pair of goals.

Karim Benzema scored 229 goals in Real’s jersey after scoring his first goal against Elche. He left behind Raul Gonzalez. Raul scored 228 goals for Real. Benzema overtook Alfredo Di Stefano, another Real legend, last month.

Benzema’s total goals are now 230. With that, he is among the top five goalscorers in La Liga. Ahead of Benzema is Hugo Sanchez, who plays for Atletico, Real and Rayo Viocano. Who scored 234 goals. Athletic Club forward Telemo scored 251 goals. Besides, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 311 goals and Lionel Messi scored 474 goals.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti said about Karim Benzema, “Karim is a footballer who is not just a forward, he is a complete player. Karim played excellently for everyone in the team. Make everyone a team. Like tonight (in the match against Elche) Rodrigo was played.

At the beginning of the match in their home field, Real created pressure on the opponent Elche. Its results also come quickly. Spanish star Marco Asensio put Real forward in the 8th minute of the match. He scored the goal from the pass of Spain’s defender Dani Carvajal. Then Benzema made the difference 2-0 by scoring from the penalty in the 31st minute. Through this goal, French star Raulke topped the list of the highest league goalscorers for Real. Raul scored 228 goals in La Liga for Real.

Before that, Real got a chance to score in the 4th minute of the match. But Eder Milita also missed a great opportunity. Ascencio will score four minutes later. Karim Benzema doubled the lead by scoring from the penalty spot in the 31st minute.

Another penalty from the French star tripled Real Madrid’s lead. Real midfielder Luka Modric scored the 4th goal in the 8th minute of the match.

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