Qatar billionaire ready to buy Manchester United

Qatar billionaire ready to buy Manchester United

American Glazer family wants to sell Manchester United. Qatar billionaire vowed to buy Manchester United and return to glory.

Manchester United is majority owned by the American Glazer family. Since last year they have taken the initiative to sell Manchester United. This time, the son of the former Prime Minister of Qatar showed interest in buying Manchester United. However, there are some question marks in front of the possibility of that handover.

Many are upset with the way the Glazer family is running the club. From footballer transfers to show more interest in the European Super League, there is criticism. The Glazer family has been in the process of selling the club since late last year. But it is not easy to find investors in exchange for huge amounts of money. Although this time the offer to buy the club came from Qatar.

Foot Toast Media has learned that Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, the son of the former Prime Minister of Qatar, officially submitted a bid to buy Manchester United yesterday.

This Qatari billionaire wants to take 100 per cent ownership of Manchester United. Jassim Al Thani, who issued a statement, said they are committed to restoring the traditional club’s glory on and off the field. According to Reuters, Manchester United is set to set a record for club sales in sports. It is reported that the Glazer family wants to sell Manchester United for at least 7 billion pounds.

20 times English Premier League champions Manchester United has 650 million fans worldwide. Manchester United can be bought through Sheikh Jasim’s Nine Two Foundation. This foundation aims to invest in the football team as well as investing in the development of training grounds, and stadium infrastructure.

Sheikh Jassim is the son of Qatar’s richest Sheikh Hamad bin Jassin bin Jaber Al Thani. Sheikh Jassim is also the chairman of QIB, one of the best banks in Qatar. But his path to buying Manchester United may not be smooth sailing. Why not, Sheikh Hamad is again the leader of the French club PSG. As a result, the big question is how two clubs with the same owner will play in the Champions League. As a rule, that is not the case.

Manchester United was asked by the investment bank Rein Group, which is overseeing the sale process, to provide the Qatari investors with details of the capital and the amount of the bid.

At the moment, Manchester United which is the fourth richest club in the world will fall into the trap of any rules and will be handed over to Qatari investors. In 2005, Man U was bought by the Glazer family for £790 million.

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