Italian Court Wants Robinho ‘s Prison Sentence In Brazil

Italian Court Wants Robinho ‘s Prison Sentence In Brazil

The incident happened a long time ago. Former Brazilian forward Robinho was accused of gang-raping an Albanian woman in a nightclub in Italy in 2013. Then he was a player for AC Milan. An Italian court sentenced Robinho and his friend Ricardo Falcao to nine years in prison in 2017 in the rape case.

Robinio did not go to Italy after that for fear of going to jail. That is why the Italian government is not releasing him. Brazilian media UOL and Globo reported that the Italian judge ordered that Robinho’s punishment be executed in Brazil.
The Italian government has contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil in this regard.

Rape case documents against Robinho have also been sent from Italy to Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed over the documents to the appropriate authorities in the Ministry of Public Security and Justice, Globo reported.

The Italian government requested Robinho to be sent to Italy in October last year. But a Brazilian court rejected that request in November. Because the Brazilian constitution does not allow such a rule. According to the 1989 Judiciary Agreement between the two countries, Robinho cannot be executed in Brazil.

But in recent times, Brazilian Justice Minister Flavio Dino said in an interview that the country’s law may have the opportunity to arrest Robinho. “This is a legal matter, not a political one,” Dino told Band News Radio last January. The Brazilian constitution does not allow the extradition of any Brazilian to another country (for trial). But now in theory it could work. But before that, the matter should be thoroughly checked and processed.

According to Brazilian media UOL, Italy’s Justice Minister Carlo Nordio signed the request to send Robinho to Italy. On January 24, he signed the request and sent it to Brazil through diplomatic channels. There, the Italian Minister of Justice requested, “This case has been handed over to the competent judicial authorities of Brazil so that they can take action according to Brazilian law.”

On January 23, 2017, a court in Milan sentenced Robson de Souza (Robinio’s full name) to 9 years, which ended on January 19, 2022. Robinhi who came to professional football with Amit Pratibha also failed to live up to expectations. Despite playing for clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester City and AC Milan, he never won the Champions League.

Won the league twice for Real Madrid and once for Milan. Robinson left Italy and played in the Brazilian League, Chinese League and Turkish League after being accused of rape while in Milan. Robinho returned to Santos for a third time in 2020 from the Turkish side of Istanbul Basaksehir. The contract he returned to at the time had the option to extend until December 2022.

But a sponsor of Santos stood in the way. Signing Robinho is ‘disrespectful to women’, said the sponsoring organization. Santos was forced to cancel the contract with 39-year-old Robinio. From 2003 to 2017, Robinio played 100 matches for Brazil and scored 28 goals.

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