Barcelona Still Paying Leo Messi

Barcelona Still Paying Leo Messi

In a recent statement, Joan Laporta, the president of FC Barcelona, confirmed that the club is still paying Lionel Messi’s salary despite his departure from the team. Laporta mentioned that while Messi’s salary currently counts towards Barcelona’s salary bill, it may not affect their Financial Fair Play (FFP) limit due to new rules implemented by La Liga.

The departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona in August 2021 sent shockwaves through the football world. After spending his entire professional career at the Catalan club, Messi was unable to renew his contract due to financial constraints imposed by La Liga. As a result, he signed with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in France.

However, despite leaving Barcelona, Messi’s impact on the club’s finances remains significant. Barcelona had been facing severe financial difficulties even before Messi’s departure, with a staggering debt of over €1 billion. The club was struggling to comply with La Liga’s strict financial regulations and had to make significant cost-cutting measures.

Laporta’s statement sheds light on the ongoing financial commitment that Barcelona has towards Messi. While the exact details of the payment arrangement are not disclosed, it is evident that the club is still obligated to pay a portion of Messi’s salary. This obligation contributes to Barcelona’s overall salary bill, which includes wages paid to all players and staff members.

The inclusion of Messi’s salary in Barcelona’s wage bill has implications for the club’s financial management. La Liga enforces FFP regulations to ensure clubs operate within their means and maintain financial stability. These regulations set limits on how much clubs can spend on player salaries and other expenses relative to their revenue.

Under previous FFP rules, Barcelona would have faced significant challenges in accommodating Messi’s high wages within their budget. However, Laporta suggests that La Liga’s new rules may provide some relief in this regard. He mentions that these indemnities, referring to the payments made to Messi, should not count towards Barcelona’s FFP limit.

The introduction of new rules by La Liga aims to address the financial difficulties faced by Spanish clubs, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. These rules may allow clubs more flexibility in managing their salary bills and provide some leeway for exceptional circumstances such as the departure of a high-profile player like Messi.

It is important to note that while Laporta’s statement indicates a potential exemption for Messi’s indemnities from the FFP limit, the exact interpretation and implementation of these rules are yet to be clarified. The details of how Barcelona’s ongoing payments to Messi will be treated under FFP regulations need to be confirmed by La Liga authorities.

In conclusion, Joan Laporta’s recent statement confirms that FC Barcelona is still paying Lionel Messi’s salary despite his departure from the club. While these payments currently contribute to Barcelona’s salary bill, Laporta suggests that La Liga’s new rules may exempt them from counting towards the FFP limit. The impact of Messi’s ongoing financial commitment on Barcelona’s finances and compliance with FFP regulations will depend on the interpretation and implementation of these rules by La Liga.

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